Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day: Barcelona - London

Here it is!!! My first day of my tour around England! :)
I love travelling by plane but not at that time... we had the flight at 7.15h what means that I had to get up at 4 am, so the rest of the day was exhausting.

We arrived to London and went to the hotel which, like all the other hotels of the tour, were chosen by the wholesaler.
The hotel we stayed in London the first three nights and the last one was the Novotel London West Hotel. I like Novotel chain because I go there since I was a child with my parents and all are more or less the same. They are modern and have all the services you need plus the service is qualified. The room had all we needed and as I stayed with my sister in the same room we had two big beds one for each, which was fantastic!

It is in a good location, near you have Hammersmith station which has different metro lines to take you all around London. Moreover there's a big bus station.

So we took the underground and went to some places we couldn't go three years ago when we spent nine days in London too.
First, we went to Platform 9 ¾ known by Harry Potter's movie. It is located outside King's Cross Station and there's a large queue to take your photo there but it's curious. 

Then we went to St Paul's Cathedral and it's very big and beautiful! 

At lunch time we ate a burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I'll tell you more about restaurants and food in another post.
After that, we went took a bus to go down near Covent Garden and have a walk around there, Chinatown and Piccadilly Circus where we took the metro to return to our hotel.

At nine o'clock we had a meeting with our guide who was going to explain a little what we were doing the following day.
Finally, we went to Hammersmith station that has a shopping centre called Broadway with some restaurants and we went to eat at McDonald's.
I hope you like this first post about my trip :D

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