Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second day: London

 We started our second day of the trip with our breakfast in the room. This hotel in particular wants groups to have breakfast in their rooms so that's what we did. The night before we had to write what we wanted for breakfast and at what time and they brought it to us the next morning. I liked it but I'd rather prefer going to the hotel's restaurant to have it and seating in a table.

After breakfast we had a panoramic tour by bus around a part of London. We stopped at Royal Albert Hall, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to take some photos.





Then we took an optional excursion to Windsor. There we had lunch at Nando's and visited the Windsor Castle which is so large and beautiful.

We arrived at the hotel at five so we decided to go to Harrods because my sister is a Belieber and the day before Justin Bieber's perfume Someday was launched.


We also went to the Christmas section which is permanently there and then my sister and I bought two CDs for a really good price compared with Barcelona's CDs prices.

As we were really tired we returned to the hotel but first we stopped at Broadway Shopping Centre to buy some food at Tesco (chain of supermarkets) and eat it in my parents' room.


  1. Qué buena la primera foto con el desayuno en la cama! Menudo placer!

    B* a la Moda

  2. Oh i really like your blog! :) I just found it. really cute pictures :) ill check up on your blog :) love it!


  3. Qué chulas las fotos! I love London!!!