Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some summer days

These days that I'm still here in Barcelona I've gone to several places although the weather hasn't been good enough to go to the beach and so during all July, August seems to go back to normal summer weather.
One day I went to a swimming pool that it's in Mollet and that day was extremely good because there weren't many people and it was very sunny!

After this I went with my parents and my sister to have lunch at Viena, it is a Catalan chain of fast food restaurants but with a very good quality. They offer a wide range of cold and hot sandwiches, salads and a cafeteria. So if you are in Catalonia and you don't have much time to eat but you want to eat well you can try this restaurant, if you enter to their site you can see where they are located:

In the afternoon, I went with my boyfriend to IKEA and i fell in love with this boxes, they are so cute.

But finally I bought these ones to keep my jewelry, now I have to find the moment to organize it. 

Finally, I recommend you a new bar I've never been before. It is located in la Barceloneta, near the beach and it's called Bar Electricitat. The owner who is the waiter is so friendly and will tell you what you should eat and what is the best for you. I really liked and eat a lot very well. It is like if you know them for a long time. So if you go to this area go and try it because it's worthwhile!

All the photos have been taken with my mobile phone like I said in the first post which is a thing I love. Sorry for the bad quality of the boxes photo.

Thank you for reading!

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