Friday, August 26, 2011

Third day: London

We reserved this day to go shopping!
As it was Sunday, the stores opened late so we decided to have a walk from Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square.

Before leaving Barcelona I searched some stores directions which I wanted to visit this time in London.
First we went to TKMAXX which is like an outlet of different brands, the thing that I loved was obviously the bags section. OMG! They were very well organised by colour but unfortunately there were too many to decide for one so I left the store without any bag! I should return to one of this stores because I wanted to spend some time in other sections but I couldn't. Here you have the store locator, you can find TKMAXX around UK and Ireland.

Then we went to the new M&M's World store [Leicester Square, London WC2]! Two years ago I went to New York and visited there the one they have and I was glad to discover that this one is recently opened! I like M&M's but only the ones without the peanut! This store has 4 amazing floors with unimaginable merchandising. One day I'll show you all the photos I took of the store, but here you are some :)


After spending like an hour in the store we went to have lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then we continued to find more stores! One I discovered just there was this lovely panda store! Everything had a panda! It's called Ho-Panda! [13 Great Windmill Street, Trocadero - ground floor, London W1J 0]

 And as always in London... it started to rain! But I could take a photo lonely in Piccadilly Circus :)

I wanted to go to Lillywhites [24-36 Regent Street, London] to buy a pair of white converse because there they are cheaper than in Barcelona, but unfortunately again they didn't have my shoe number.

Another great shop I didn't know was National Geographic store [83-97 Regent Street, London]. There were a lot of things and the one I loved was that they were doing a show for kids with live animals to teach them things about nature which I think it's a great idea!

Next stop was Abercrombie&Fitch [42 Savile Row, London] where there were a lot of people as every Abercrombie store I visited (New York and Milan). I love the smell of the stores and the clothes but this time I didn't buy anything.

We continued to Primark [499-517 Oxford St, London]which I discovered three years ago when I went to London too and I bought my first pair of fake Uggs. Then both Primark and Uggs started to become famous in Barcelona. But you can't compare England's Primark with Barcelona's Primark... YOU CAN'T. In England they are soooooo big and things are organized (well... in Oxford Street some things but you haven't seen the one in Barcelona...). I'll show you Liverpool's Primark in another post.

Finally, we stopped at Forever 21 [360 Oxford Street, London]. The same... in Barcelona the store has opened recently but it isn't as big as the one in London. OMG you can spend a whole day there! We didn't have time to see all the store because at 6pm shops were closing but my mum bought a nice necklace and a scarf but what I loved about it was the hot pink bag! In Barcelona they are yellow lol

So we returned to have dinner near the hotel in a restaurant called Villagio.


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  2. que preciosidad tambien Londres, desde luego estas hecha una viajera jjaj :P