Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Britannia Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

I love travelling and that's one of the reasons why I'm studying tourism. So I know by far that when you return from a trip you have some memories and most of the times these memories are good memories. But what happens when you have a bad experience it doesn't matter how big it is? It can spoil your holidays or trip. So tourism professionals that work for this industry must know how important the SERVICE is.
It didn't happen to my entire trip around England because I stayed to more hotels but I don't recommend this hotel to anybody.

The Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool: the worst hotel I've never been to.

It is said that this hotel is incredible because its 200 years... ok... that's why I hate it: it seems that nothing has changed since then. Even Queen Victoria and Titanic's crew slept there.
Before arriving to the hotel our tour guide told us that it seemed to the one that appeared in the film The Shining. I hadn't seen the film until I got home... and Liverpool's hotel is even more scary...

I've read that the hotel has been refurbished... I can tell by my experience that my room had two closets so old, and as my parents room had two mirrors in each closet door, my room missed one... (in the photo doesn't appear the door with the missing mirror, but you can imagine the empty space)

 You go to hotels to rest after a long day visiting places... ok... I don't think a hotel should provide beds as the one I tried to slept in... a springs bed... it was like having two stones stuck in my back. I know that other rooms in upper floors had normal beds, but I wasn't that lucky.

And if I had wanted to watch the TV I couldn't have done it because it didn't work properly.

Oh! The cleanliness... what can I say about the french fry that welcome us to our room and didn't move in two days?

I am not exaggerating when I say that there is a smell in all the hotel between old and death... yes... disgusting.


To crown it all, in our second night, when my sister and I decided it was time to go to 'bed' at twelve o'clock at night the fire alarm started to ring. WTF??? I got out of my room and there wasn't anybody in the corridors. I phoned my mum if they had listened the alarm and yes they did... the whole hotel did. Why anybody react? I don't know... I phoned reception and they said I didn't have to worry. Moreover, you can check here that this happens very often, it has a 'fire alarm' label. INCREDIBLE...

The restaurant... they offered the minimum food possible... and it wasn't a big thing. Drinks? You had water in the table... or you had to buy it in a bar where you had to wait like 20 minutes to be served each time. I think the cutlery has not change since the hotel opened. Oh! And I will never forget that lipstick in my glass ;)

 The only good thing of this hotel is the location. Surely you can find another great offer and service in Liverpool.


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  6. Heh, you didn't disappoint me even once! Such nice pictures of such a nice hotel! Remind me to visit there next time, instead of staying at a Liverpool airport hotel. Cheers!