Monday, September 5, 2011

Eighth day: York - Cambridge - London

It was time to visit York. We did a guided tour around the city and discovered its beauty. We could see the city wall, the City Art Gallery, the Yorkshire Museum, the mayor's house, the Newgate Market, the Shambles and theYork Minster. 

In Shambles we saw a woman filming for an American TV if anybody knows her tell me who is she :)

Also there's a famous café called Betty's which makes cute cookies.

I found Mulberry Factory Shop with which I fell in love. I like Mulberry bags but I can't afford one like all the other famous brands. So finding this factory shop made my day, but I didn't buy anything neither.

Another great shop was Peter Rabbit and Friends. When I was a child I used to watch Beatrix Potter tales in a Catalan TV and I never thought about finding a shop about it. I bought a handpainted Peter Rabbit necklace which was upstairs of the shop in the last opportunities section waiting for me and a cute bookmark.

Then we ate a York hogroast sandwich. It was delicious!

In the afternoon we had a long bus trip until Cambridge where we visited the city, the Eagle bar where DNA research was discussed by their discoverers and the Mathematical Bridge.

After the visit, we returned to our first Novotel in London where we only had time to go to have dinner at Villagio.

While we were in the bus we could see the Wembley Stadium where this year Barça won the Champions League.


  1. Jejeje, gràcies pel comentari. La veritat és que els paisatges de la Serra d'Espadàn són molt bonics, però res a veure amb els que ens ensenyes tú, eh!
    I la foto amb el meu xic... és estrany que estiga bé, ja que la fotògrafa fou ma mare i tela.... =D

    Un beset guapa!

  2. Per cert, m'encanta el penjoll del Peter Rabbit!! Amb un vestit deu quedar súper romàntic! Ja ens ho ensenyaràs, eh! =D