Friday, September 9, 2011

English purchases

So here you are the things I haven't shown to you that I bought around England during my holidays and others that you've already seen.
In Chinatown I bought this blue foulard.

Yummy m&m's, the 22 colour mix in M&M's World London.

In Salisbury I needed a pair of Uggs and mines were at home so I bought this fake ones at Marks&Spencer.

In Stratford-upon-Avon I discovered this sweet shop I've seen in more English cities. And bought these cute chewing gums.

The following day in Snowdonia I got this bracelet. I love this stone. And this leather keyring.

Later on in Wales I wanted a t-shirt with the typical dragon.

And in Liverpool is where I enjoyed the most shopping at Primark and I think we were the only people in the store.

I got all this:

And in The Cavern Club where The Beatles played I got this plectrum as a souvenir.

In Cambridge I wanted also a printed t-shirt and I found this one I think it's quite pretty.

And finally in Camden I got this cute clock-necklace and this personalized bracelet.

What do you think about my English purchases? :)


  1. M'encanta tot!!! ^^
    Sobretot el rellotge de Camden i la polsera de Primark!! Deu ser ben diferent dels primark d'aci... jeje

    Un bes guapa!!

  2. Per cert! M'encanta la nova capçalera!!
    El de Castelló també està fatal, tot mesclat... pero jo també acabe picant sempre =P Has passat per la part de coses per a la casa? Les sabatilles d'estar per casa són comodíssimes (ja les tinc!) i les mantes i els batins tenen un tacte.... crec que per a este hivern en caurà un... jejeje

    Ah! Estudie Història a València, però sóc d'una ciutat de Castelló.


  3. Pretty blog, and nice post!!! :D Follow me please :)

  4. i love all the things u bought!! wow so many things :D
    Awesome blog!