Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ninth day: London - Barcelona

The last day arrived.
When I visited London three years ago I went to Camden but I felt I had to return again this year. I think it's an amazing place where you can find more than what you are searching. We spent the morning there but I know I have to come back again and get lost at least a whole day.

Then we ate at McDonald's in Broadway Shopping Centre because at 14.00h there was a bus waiting for us to took us to the airport and return to Barcelona.



  1. Ooohh.. ja s'ha cabat el viatge... =(
    Deu haver sigut genial! Jo en octubre vaig a Roma 4 dies i després a París 2 setmanes (bé, a París no, a Disney, però me'n vaig a treballar! jejeje)

    Camden exactament què és? Un poble només amb tendes? Quina passada!

    Un beset guapa!

    PD: Ara comença a ensenyar-nos "modelitos" ; )

  2. Waaaaaaaaah !!! I was here 1 week ago! In Chaos shop I bought the creepers shoes! Amazing, isn't?
    I love Camden Town and I'll return there the next year!!

  3. Qué ganas de volver a Candem. Es todo un mundo...

    B* a la Moda