Friday, September 2, 2011

Sixth day: Snowdonia - Caernarfon - Liverpool

After spending a frightening night in the hotel we had in Liverpool we went to Snowdonia.

There we had to take a train to the top of a mountain but unfortunately the weather was so bad that we only could go halfway. It was funny because we were the same people that was travelling in the bus with us but now in that small and old train and with that weather so windy. We didn't know what happened but we had to stay like half an hour in that train without moving in the middle of the mountain 60 people so my sister and I started to eat and everybody else did the same lol.

In the afternoon we went to a town in Wales called Caernarfon which is really beautiful with its castle.

Then we came back to Liverpool and we went to Poundworld a shop where everything costs one pound and to the best Primark I've never been to. OMG everything was in their place very organized and i don't know how many floors it has. Here you have some photos of what I bought. (I'll show you more in detail what I bought in Primark).

After that we went to The Cavern Pub where we had some drinks and listened to a good singer who was playing there. I reccommed going here to have something to drink and spent some time rather than the The Cavern Club which was a bit stressful. One is in front of the other so it's easy to find them.

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  1. that looks great!! i wanna go!