Thursday, October 20, 2011

I also work...

I'm going to talk about all the jobs I've had that can be sum up as: hostess.
Do you know those girls who stands like a whole day whithout doing nothing, just welcoming people to conferences, pass the micro through the audience... Some days they make badges and give to the people attending to congresses and trade fairs.
So this is what I do. This is not the job of my life but I like the fact that you only have to work some specific days a lot of hours and then you forget about it. However, what I like about it is that I can be aware of everything that happens during this kind of events and the organization. This is what I want to dedicate my professional life to: organizing events. But not congresses, conferences and trade fairs. I like gala dinners, cocktails, parties...(because I've worked as a waitress in these events too).
So now you know :)
Now you're going to see my last job that was on Monday... I had to blend thousands of papers and put them in more than 200 tables in 4 hours... yes... amazing right? lol

After those hours I bought myself this sweet prize!!! :) (I love chocolate... shhh!)

Talking about prizes... 
Today my blog has received its very first award! I'm just starting but still very excited :)
Thanks to the lovely Alba from Ma vie en rose :) Check her blog!


Do you work? As what? What's your dreamed job?

Thanks to all of you who comment my blog. I really enjoy and love reading your comments and knowing more about you :)