Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I met...

The Wanted!!!

Yesss!! It was two weeks ago while I was working so many hours. The Wanted were coming to a radio in Barcelona one Wednesday afternoon and I had to go it didn't matter I was so tired, it was the only opportunity I had. On Thursday they were doing a gig but I couldn't go... my sister did without any invitation!!!!

So I met my sister in the radio and we wait there like for an hour and finally they arrived!! OMG! They are so nice and friendly!!! I wish all the artists were like them!! I took a picture with all of them :) And they signed my sister's album!!


While they were on the radio having an interview, we were on the street with more The Wanted fans and we decided to write some papers with their single 'Glad you came' for them and leave them on the floor. I wrote a paper saying we wanted them to stop and take a photo all together! And they did it!!! :D They loved the idea and showed us my paper!!! :D I tried to upload the video but I can't :(

The next day my sister went to the gig and could manage to see them again and ask for a Siva's signature for me :D

I highly reccomend you to watch their last video and single 'Lightning' from their new album 'Battlefield' that is going to be out on November 7th.

Amazing, isn't it?
I love them!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Quina emoció conèixer en persona un dels teus grups preferits! Es nota en les teves paraules, jejeje
    No conec el grup. Quin tipus de múisca fan?

    Bessets guapa! =)

  2. wow! congratulations for this meeting, i haven't known them but they are nice!