Tuesday, April 17, 2012

American flavor

I went to New York in 2009 and fell in love with Hershey's!

So as the 6th of January we celebrate the Three Wise Men Day, this year my parents gave me this wonderful box (love the travel details) full of mainly chocolate from there!

I'm from Barcelona so they got all of these in a store (I still have to visit) called Taste of America.

My favorite...


  1. Those are some great treats! I love Hershey Kisses too! YUMMY!

  2. M'encanta Hersey's!!
    Quan vaig anar als EUA, al veure que m'encantava el xocolate la meva família em va regalar una camiseta d'allí! ;)

    Qué guay! ;)

  3. OH YUM!! lucky you! :)

    Love K