Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Demonstration for Catalan Independence

Just a week before, in Barcelona there was a huge demonstration where almost 2 million people went through the streets for Catalonia's Independence.
The 11th of September I always go to see my city and its atmosphere, this year I couldn't miss it and went also to the demonstration.
Here, for you, a mix of photos of this whole historic day.

Bracelet made by me some years ago :)

Matthew Tree

You cannot imagine how many buses from other cities and villages from Catalonia come to Barcelona.


  1. Sorry but I think Spain and especially Catalonia is the shame of Europe. When what is most needed is a united Europe to go out of the crisis, what you do this? I feel sorry for you, because you are going to sink

    Luckily, I'm German.

    1. Ok I respect your opinion and I understand it because you don't live here. This feeling of demanding our independence is not a new thing it's since spaniards came here and since they control our economy and distribute the taxes we pay as they want. So we want and need to be heard that we don't want to be part of Spain, it's more than a feeling and we can demand it whenever we want. It has nothing to do with a united Europe, we can be united in Europe, but as an independent country.
      And the only thing I agree with you is the fact that we're going to sink, but because we are, nowadays, a part of Spain. If not we could make it easily, but there are always people and the media that don't explain the things as they really are.

    2. I think the word independence itself has negative connotations. You can not ask for a united Europe when you want to separate. Sorry but from my point of view independence and unity are incompatible. I'm not influenced by the media, I know what I mean because I have family there I can actually speak some Spanish and Catalan. Something similar happens in Germany with the province of Bavaria, but now to face problems we all Germans together, so that's why our country works and yours does not, especially for people like some catalan who selfishly think only in you.

    3. First, I'm sorry for before talking without knowing you had family here, and talking in advanced.
      Second, I was not asking for a united Europe, it was an example.
      We want for many years separate from Spain for many different reasons, and last week was the time to let the world know that we are tired of Spain. During the last years we've seen how our efforts were going to other parts of Spain where we're not welcomed neither. I mean that we don't want the independence only for money reasons, but it's an important one of them.
      And yes, you can call us selfish or whatever you want for wanting what is ours, but we could live easier if things had been done in a different way.
      And congratulations if in Germany you can face problems all together, here we can't because the government does what it wants.
      Anyway, there will always be different opinions either in the same Catalonia (because there are Catalans that don't want independence, and we all know that) or outside.