Thursday, October 25, 2012

Isabel Marant sneakers look a like

Everybody knows and wears Isabel Marant sneakers or one pair among the loads of clones that are out there. So I wasn't going to be different this time lol.
Just kidding, I don't like the velcro model I prefer the lace-up one.
So, because I'm not rich I had to surf the Internet in order to find a great pair of this fall must.
I found them in eBay, I only have good words about them. They cost me around 36€. The shipping was absolutely fast, 1.5 weeks from Korea to Barcelona. And the most important is that they are like in the seller's pictures, the quality is great and they are so comfortable.
I love the colour because it goes with everything and the interior wedge is about 5cm.

What do you think about this famous sneakers? Which model do you prefer?


Monday, October 22, 2012

FUN. Barcelona 2012

 You don't know how much I love going to live concerts!
Last Saturday I went to FUN.'s concert in Barcelona.
The whole day was simply amazing.
First of all, me and my sister love going early to wait in line to every concert in order to be in the first rows. We didn't expect we were going to be on the front row!
When we arrived, we found there, outside Sala Bikini (the venue), some nice people who made the waiting more enjoyable.
We enjoyed WALK THE MOON as the opening act and finally FUN.'s performace.
At the end, I got FUN.'s setlist and I greeted from afar Nate's parents, they were so nice!
So... I can only say that if you have the chance to see them live, GO!
They are awesome, their sound is incredible!
 On my Facebook you will find "Some Nights", recorded by me during the concert :)

Sala Bikini

WALK THE MOON's setlist



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Languages and more

While I'm preparing the posts about my holidays in Galicia, I show you what I've been doing recently...
 Last week I started my 4th year in University that I had to split into two because I changed the place where I was going so in the new one I have to learn German, so it's a great thing for me.

I'm also learning Italian :)

And Chinese :)

I also wanted to show you my new phone case which I'm in love with the color.

And finally all my nailpolishes :D (I can't choose only one colour!)

So... which languages do you speak? 
Is important for you to learn a foreign language?